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Account Management

eCommerce marketplaces can be a challenge to navigate and use effectively, even with the support available. Products need to be created on accounts, the catalog has to be actively managed, customer service needs timely responses, and orders must be processed immediately.


A third-party like Digital Station can help by directly taking over account management or simply provide additional support to your current efforts to manage your online accounts.

We offer an initial consultation to understand your needs and design a project for your business. Get the support you need to start and grow your online business while avoiding costly delays or mistakes!

What Is



Account Management with Digital Station lets us manage your online selling accounts, whether your own store or on marketplaces, fully or partially. The list on the left provides some examples of common services offered under Account Management.

Marketplace Onboarding

Item Cataloging

Enhanced Branding

Customer Service

Marketplace Communication

Business Development

Content Optimization

Product Research

Image Editing

Succeeding on Amazon Seller Central

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