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Account Management

End-to-End eCommerce Support

"Do Less, Make More"

Think Digital Station when you need a service provider to take on the routine so you can focus on growing your business.

Are you an e-commerce seller who struggles with running your accounts? Are you a business looking to start doing e-commerce but don't have the manpower to spare? Are you a seller with limited inventory space? If you have products you're certain will sell but face these challenges, let Digital Station help you overcome them.


Digital Station's motto​ reflects our mission: to be a partner to our clients who are overwhelmed with the routine needs of selling online. By taking on your workload, our clients are free to focus on business development. Scroll down to learn more about what Digital Station offers and how we work. Contact us if you'd like to learn more!


Digital Station Multi-Channel Services

What makes Digital Station unique is the package of services it provides to enhance the capabilities of our e-commerce clients in every core area of e-commerce selling. Whether you're looking for specific areas of support or a hands-off experience that lets you focus on the big picture, we have the knowledge and skill to make it happen.


We will help manage your online accounts based on your needs. We offer item creation, content writing, photography and videos, and customer service support. We even provide product research to grow your catalog. We'll reduce your workload so you can focus on the big picture.


We help clients find a logistics solution that works for their products and their needs. Standard parcel shipping is expensive, so we'll work through our network of partners and identify the best options for your business to save you money on shipping.


We help create and manage your advertising campaigns. Whether it's for your own website or on Amazon, we'll develop a strategy that works within your budget and supervise campaigns to ensure they generate returns. Avoid costly mistakes and inefficient marketing.


We offer integration support with inventory, order, content, and shipment managing software that enhances your business capabilities and allows automation. The software can be integrated via API with most marketplaces and websites.


How We Can Help

Reduce Your Workload

By hiring Digital Station, you'll be offloading most of the workload to e-commerce experts who are familiar with most of the marketplaces and retailers online. All you need to do is start your business and source your products, we'll handle the rest. You can be as hands-off as you want or as involved as you want, we even offer training to clients and their employees in navigating the online marketplaces.

Work With Experts

Digital Station doesn't just provide services, we provide expertise that has been gained through direct experience. Our leadership has years of experience in e-commerce consulting, working with many clients across marketplaces. From us, it's not theoretical knowledge but practical knowledge gained from being actively involved, meeting with marketplace and retailer teams, and solving the challenging problems that threatened to cost millions of dollars in damage.

Increase Your Productivity

We aim to build a stable and long-term business relationship with our clients. Through this, we are able to offer a wide-range of services that will help clients scale up and grow their business, always working to enhance their capabilities whether it's training or technology. When you work with Digital Station, you work with a company that believes in efficiency, productivity, and longevity. We will always share our ideas, provide feedback, and work with you to ensure that you overcome any challenges your business might face.

Built with years of extensive e-commerce experience, Digital Station seeks to address the common challenges faced by online sellers who are currently required to utilize different companies to get a full suite of services. We consolidate these services into a single source so our clients get every critical service category: Management, Logistics, Advertising, and Software directly from us in an integrated fashion. We also offer clients flexibility in the level of service they seek, making it even easier for online sellers to obtain whatever service they need to succeed.


We're able to achieve this because of our background in e-commerce, having directly been involved in e-commerce activities with marketplaces and major retailers. With this background, we have a nuanced understanding of the e-commerce ecosystem and first-hand knowledge of every level of the operations for which we provide our services. This insight is what allows us to effectively provide our wide-range of services.


Our Partners

Support from our partners allows us to build our capacity to offer high quality services to our clients

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